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Hat Yai fried chicken is famous, but who knows the origin?

Last updated: 3 Oct 2023  |  465 Views  | 


    If anyone is a person who likes to eat fried chicken. No matter where you buy or eat, there will be Hat Yai fried chicken. To see it often, then why Hat Yai? Don't other provinces have it?
    This issue is actually Fried chicken is everywhere. But Hat Yai fried chicken is different, namely the fried onions and spices used to marinate the chicken. make it fragrant herbs spices Rich flavor No need to dip the sauce, it's delicious. As a result, it has a unique identity that is different from other places until it is called Hat Yai Fried Chicken.

So who took the initiative?

    Actually, we have to go back more than 30 years ago. There was a husband-wife couple named Auntie Wan and Uncle Thong. Originally they had a job as a fresh chicken seller in the market, but at that time the economic situation was not good. The chicken that was normally sold every day was left over and couldn't be sold, so he came up with a recipe for marinating the leftover chicken. Keep experimenting. In the morning he sells fresh chicken. In the afternoon, he took the remaining chicken and marinated it, made some to eat himself, and gave some to distribute.

    But then one day Uncle Chomthong's wife A friend of Uncle Thong was sick, so he gave vegetables to vendors. Uncle Thong got red onions that were about to spoil. Then slice and fry until crispy. Actually, Uncle Thong doesn't want to sell it. Fried onions with fried chicken But past customers say the fried onions are very fragrant. When Uncle heard that So I sprinkled fried onions on top of the fried chicken. Do that for every package on that day.

    The next day, Uncle didn't sprinkle fried onions. The customer asked for only fried onions, so Uncle was confused. Then he adjusted the recipe to make it stronger in flavor. And make fried onions to sprinkle with it every time. Less than a month later, customers arrived and there was almost no place to stand in front of the store. They sold out from 3:00 p.m. and it wasn't until 5:00 p.m. that they sold out. It sold so well that many newspapers had to interview it. Until finally he and his wife stopped selling fresh chicken. Then came to sell mainly fried chicken instead.

    This story is remembered to this day. If you eat fried chicken, you must think of Hat Yai. No matter what province anyone goes to. Mostly if you want to eat fried chicken. I often see the name fried chicken followed by the word Hat Yai. I must say that it is one of the OTOP products that has created a great name for Hat Yai.

    Hat Yai is a city with a lot of fried chicken restaurants. And each shop is unique. Let's try to eat. We also have a motorbike service for everyone to explore and find food and other interesting places.


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