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Honda ADV 150

Daily Rent: 550 Baht

Weekly Rent: 3,200 Baht


150CC Engine

Automatic Transmission

Fuel capacity 8.1 liters, gasoline/gasohol 91-95


✅ Free 2 helmets

✅ Free spare motorcycle to change in case of an emergency

✅ Pick-up service in Hat Yai

✅ No credit card required


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For Hatyai Expats:

  • Passport Copy 
  • Work Permit Copy/ Work Contract (If you do not work in Hatyai then you must have a Condo/House contract)
  • Condo/House contract copy
  • 3,000 Baht deposit
  • Vehicle use areas are limited to Songkhla province only.
For Tourists:
  • Copy of Original Passport
  • 3,000 Baht deposit
  • Receipt or email confirmation of the Hatyai,Songkhla Hotel or Hatyai,Songkhla Airbnb you are staying at (Hotel booking must be the same or longer as the motobike rental)
  • Vehicle use areas are limited to Songkhla province only.
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